Divorce Mediation

Participants make their own informed decisions about parenting time, alimony and distribution of assets, along with other issues appropriate to each case. The process begins with the parties completing spending and balance sheet information which will be sent to you prior to our first meeting. With my help and professional experience as an Accredited  Professional Mediator  (APM) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) you and your spouse will come to your own conclusions about what is best for you, your family, and your specific situation. Both parties and I will sign a confidentiality  agreement at our first meeting.


Five two-hour sessions is the average time it takes to reach an agreement for most major issues. I will write a Memorandum of Understanding which will be provided at the conclusion of the mediation sessions. Each party may consult a review attorney  at any point and for a complete review of the Memorandum of Understanding which the attorney will formalize into a legal document. 

"Your empathy and professionalism in mediating cases... results in an amicable resolution of disputes that are sometimes laden with emotion and hostility." 

-Attorney, Newark NJ